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Tips: Starting a New Job

It’s the first day in your new job… now what? Ok, its actually been 5 weeks into my new job, but here is my advice lol You already did the hard part: getting the job. Now it’s time to learn.Just like in your first internship, no one expects you to know everything. The first month…

My Interview Experience

My interview experience (especially with this new remote era):  How many interviews did I do? I lost track to be honest. But for each company that I received an offer from, I did 3 (and sometimes a half more).   First Interview : Recruiter 1st was with either a recruiter or HR manager. Some even got…

An Introverted Engineer

Ok so here is the thing, I am an introvert. Yes, even as I am typing this to be published on a public website, or even though I have spoken in front of more than 700 people, I am still the biggest introvert. As ingenieras, there is that big stereotype that engineers are introverts. Sadly,…

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