Breaking stereotypes

I wanted to create a space where I could show all the different things that make up a Latina engineer. There is simply not one thing that defines us. We all have many different interests and choosing a career in the STEM field does not define us as a one model fits all. We can choose to focus solely on education, we might have hobbies that become businesses while we keep a full time engineering job, we can raise 5 kids without stopping our careers, we can compete in pageants, we can be involved in our community, we can love make up, we can hate make up. The point is, our opportunities and options are endless, but there is one thing that brings us together: The desire to be educated, successful, and powerful women. In this space I will share my journey into breaking stereotypes and trying to change the workplace little by little as I begin and continue my career as a Latina Engineer.

The Life of a Latina Engineer
Aurora, IL. USA