Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend this event?

Anyone who’s interested in supporting Latina’s in engineering, or is interested in engineering in general!

Do I have to be Latina to attend?

Nope! We recognize that not everyone identifies as a woman, or a Latina for that matter, so although the conference’s name is International Latinas in Engineering Week, this conference is open to everyone. Please note, during this conference, we will be highlighting Latinas in engineering, but anyone who’s interested in engineering as a career or in general is welcome to join us for a whole week of learning and connecting.

Do I have to pay?

No! Our main goal is to always keep this conference accessible to everyone. There will, however, be small fees for in-person attendance and special workshops. The reason for these are to cover the cost of materials and goodies received during your participation!

What kind of talks can I expect at ILEW?

Our speaker guest list is still in the works, but you can expect anything from effective study tips to succeeding in a male dominated field to getting into aerospace to creating a work-life balance! If registered, you will receive a virtual booklet (and a printed one if attending in person) that will include all the details of our sessions!

That sounds awesome! Will there be other activities at the event?

Besides the different daily topics we’ll have on engineering, you can also expect to have networking events, giveaways, and job opportunities, and scholarships!

How long is the event? 

The entire event will occur from October 11th to October 16th. The schedule will be broken down into: 2-3 sessions per day Monday through Friday. On our last day we will host a hybrid conference. The in-person session will be hosted in Chicago Illinois at MHUB Chicago! The in-person event is open to everyone. (Require a separate registration)

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide room and transportation, those expenses will be up to the attendee to pay.

Do I have to attend the entire event?

Nope! We recognize that some of our participants work or are currently in school and can’t make all the events, which is why we decided to have 2 sessions per day which might be available to re-watch later. You’re welcome to attend the events that fit into your schedule or the ones that peak your interest. This conference is for you to gain knowledge and feel encouraged to continue pursuing your career/degree. Even if you’re only able to attend one event, if you’ve learned something or felt empowered, then we’ve done our jobs. 

Why should I attend?

Because it’ll be a great way to learn more about the engineering field, and how to excel in it, while connecting with like-minded people from all over the world! It’s also relatively cheap/free, in comparison to many STEM conferences that charge $100+ to attend. We believe accessibility for everyone is the most important.

What is the goal of ILEW?

The purpose behind this event is to showcase all of the Latinas that make up engineering, as well as to connect, motivate and inspire them

This conference was made to help bridge the gap of Latinas in engineering by providing them with resources and connections that are hard to find in school. Hopefully the attendees and speakers will also feel emboldened enough to continue being the amazing, talented, and brilliant women & people they are.

What are we doing for diversity and inclusion?

We’ve made to include diverse voices on our planning committee so that all women/people that are a part of the Latinx community are represented. Additionally, we’re making sure to keep our registration prices low so folks from all income backgrounds can participate.  

I’m interested in speaking at the conference, who can I contact?

First, thank you for expressing interest in speaking at our conference! You can either reach out to info@latinaengineer.com Or fill out this form here.

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