Diana Iracheta Foundation Nfp

Some of the things our foundation focuses on offering:

  • Hosting an annual conference for Latinas in Engineering
  • Create and fund scholarships for minorities in STEM
  • Showcase Latina Engineer role models
  • Develop a mentorship program for Latinas interested in careers in STEM

Latina Engineer and ILEW are part of the Diana Iracheta Foundation Nfp.

This foundation started in January 31st 2021. Its mission is to create resources for minorities in STEM, more specifically, Latinas in Engineering.

Its founder, Diana Iracheta, is a Mexican immigrant. She is a young engineering professional and the first in her family to venture into accessing and completing a STEM career in the United States.

Her goal is to make many resources regarding higher education, early career and success in STEM fields accessible everyone, as well create and grow a network of Ingenieras around the world. She wants future Latina engineers to be able to connect and get answers to the questions she was not able to get as a student. Therefore, she created Latina Engineer and began hosting International Latina Engineer Week every October since 2020. These later became part of the Diana Iracheta Foundation Nfp in 2021.

Latinas represent only 2% in the STEM fields, and the Diana Iracheta Foundation Nfp focuses on helping growing that number.

Making an impact in Latinas all around the world

Read some of the experiences from our network:

“Girls, who engineer, design the future.”

Diana Iracheta

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