About ILEW

We created this space hopefully answer some questions regarding ILEW and being a speaker for 2021.

Is there a budget for speakers?

We are a Tax-exempt non-profit. The goal of this conference is not business or a monetary gain. We instead focus on providing resources and scholarships for minorities in engineering. We were able to raise funds to offer 2 scholarship opportunities. This year we hope to continue this. 

At the moment, since we are a relatively new organization with an event that rapidly growing, we do not have a lot of support from sponsors yet. Unfortunately we are not able to offer a budget for speakers. We hope that you can help us continue to grow this conference in hopes to get there someday. We would be immensely thankful if you decide to volunteer your time as a speaker, in return we hope that exposing you to our network of over 10,000 women and Latinas in STEM can help you grow as well.  

We understand that other conferences charge anything from $100-600+ for a single registration, which in return makes them able to provide a speaker budget. However, our goal is our attendees, and we are proud to continue to host this conference and make it available to everyone. While we are not able to host everyone 100% free we believe the options we will offer will still reflect our goals.

How many attendees are we expecting?

We had a total of 350 registered attendees in 2020. We are expecting close to a 1,000 registered attendees this year. We had approximately 5,000 followers at the time, and this number has more than doubled for this year’s conference. We hope to reflect that in our registrations this year. 

Will attendees be paying for registration?

In short: No.  Our mission is to keep this conference always accessible, if not a 100% free.  

However since we are in early stages with growing numbers in registrations. We will be offering 500 free registrations and the rest would be paid registrations due to our hosting platform feature limitations along with our budget. The paid registrations are estimated to be $2-$5 dollars US which will go directly to covering the fees that our hosting platform requires.  

We are also looking at offering other paid ticket options such as free admission + ILEW goodie bag , so the price paid will go directly to what the attendees will receive and is completely  optional. 

Where and how we will host the conference? 

While we do not have it finalized yet, we are looking into hosting via a virtual event platform. This way, attendees will be able to register, get reminders, add events to their calendar, and find all of the information in one place.  

Some of the ones we are leaning towards are Run the World and Welcome. 

Why should I volunteer my time?

Our conference is targeted towards Latinas in Engineering and other minorities in STEM. Which has a significant amount of first generation students or first in their field of study students, not to mention first generation immigrants. Many of these students and young professionals tend to have to work twice as hard to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. We sometimes also lack having someone to ask all of our questions to. Some others are navigating worlds where they are the first ones like them to join their team, bringing many extra challenges.  

As a group of Latinx in STEM organizing this conference, we want to offer and create the resources that we might have not had before. We also want to create a network where they can find others like them and meet role models they can identify themselves with. However, we can only achieve this with your help.  

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