Welcome to a day in "The Life of a Latina Engineer"

My Mission

To empower other Latinas in Engineering and to help students in their journey through higher education, especially in STEM fields. I created this site as a place where I could share my experiences and to showcase all the different things that make up a Latina engineer. Here, I share everyday anecdotes as a young engineer, I develop resources for students in engineering school, and write about my struggles and wins through my academic and professional career.

Breaking Stereotypes

The main motivation behind what I do is the desire to break stereotypes. As a Latina immigrant, a female and an engineer, I have faced many stereotypes which I fight to break every single day. The ones that tell me I cant be successful because of my background, or that I can’t be girly because I am an engineer, I am breaking them all.

The truth is, there is simply not one thing that defines us all. We all have many different interests, and choosing a career in the STEM fields does meant one model fits all. In our careers, we can choose to focus solely on education, we might have hobbies that become businesses, we might have a full time engineering job, and we might raise 5 kids at the same time, we can compete in pageants, we can be involved in our community, we can love make up, we can hate make up.

The point is, our opportunities and options are endless, but there is one thing that brings us together: The desire to be educated, successful, and powerful women. In this space, I will share my journey into breaking stereotypes and trying to change the workplace little by little as I begin and continue my career as a Latina Engineer.

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Only 13% of engineers are women.

According to research.swe.org 2018

Only 3% of bachelor’s degrees are awarded to women in engineering and computer science.

According to research.swe.org 2018

Latinas make up only 2% of total Employed scientists and Engineers.

According to NSF in 2015

Lets change those numbers!

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