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Our Mission

Founded November 2019

Our mission is to empower Latinas in Engineering by providing educational and professional development resources. Latinas represent 2% of STEM field professionals. Latina Engineer hopes to help close the gap, connect young Latinas in these fields, and create an international network of ingenieras

We are part of the Diana Iracheta Foundation NFP. This organization was created to fund and support minorities in STEM. We achieve this through public events that focus on education, career, and life; and by raising funds for scholarships awarded during International Latina Engineer Week.

Today our network has grown to more than 10,000 women in STEM including students and young professionals internationally.

How it Started

Latina Engineer was created by Diana Iracheta, a recent engineering graduate, who wanted to share what her life as a minority in engineering was like and create the resources she felt were missing for students like her.

This organization has expanded into multiple platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and events such as our annual ILEW Conference.


Only 13% of engineers are women.

According to 2018

Only 20% of bachelor’s degrees are awarded to women in engineering and computer science.

According to 2018

Latinas make up only 2% of total Employed scientists and Engineers.

According to NSF in 2015

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Breaking Stereotypes

The main motivation behind what I do is my desire to break stereotypes. As a Latina immigrant, a female, and an engineer; I have faced many stereotypes that I fight to break every single day. The stereotypes that tell me I can’t be successful because of my background, or that I can’t be feminine because I am an engineer; I am breaking them all. The opportunities and options are endless, but there is one thing that brings us together: The desire to be educated, successful, and powerful women. In this space, I will share my journey of breaking stereotypes and trying to change the workplace little by little as I continue my career as a Latina Engineer.

International Latina Engineer Week

Learn more about our annual conference which is targeted to Latinas in Engineering and STEM! It’s Free!!!

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Latina Engineer is an organization, part of the Diana Iracheta Foundation NFP, aimed at
motivating, empowering, and helping women and Latinas succeed in STEM.

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