How it all started

Thanks for joining me!

Girls are capable of doing everything men are capable of doing. Sometimes they have more imagination than men. — Katherine Johnson

I always found myself facing obstacles or small victories that I felt that I couldn’t share with others around me. I felt that they didn’t understand. All the other engineers at work were men, all the other professional women I knew had different careers. But there was something in me that knew that there must be someone out there that would get as excited about this journey. Changing the world takes time, and only working little by little we can achieve it. Today, I decided to create a space were I can share my journey as a young Latina engineer. Whether you are reading this because you know me personally, or to support women who are fighting to be successful in this male dominated world, or just happened to have stumbled here, know that I am happy to have finally found a way to free all thoughts as I win, loose, fight, and challenge myself over and over again.

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