An Introverted Engineer

Ok so here is the thing, I am an introvert. Yes, even as I am typing this to be published on a public website, or even though I have spoken in front of more than 700 people, I am still the biggest introvert. As ingenieras, there is that big stereotype that engineers are introverts. Sadly,Continue reading “An Introverted Engineer”

Community College Checklist!

Are you starting your career at a community college? look no further! this guide will help you understand how to make the most out of your time in community college! We need to stop looking at community colleges as education for those that can’t afford a university. These colleges have amazing resources, and while theyContinue reading “Community College Checklist!”

Why Start at a Community College

College doesn’t have to be expensive or a big change. By staying close to home at a community college, not only are you making this transition easier, but it also lets be more focused on your classes. Community colleges offer many benefits that include: cheaper education, smaller classes, avoiding paying rent by staying home, greaterContinue reading “Why Start at a Community College”

A Guide to STEM Careers

Below you can find a list of STEM majors and careers divided by category provided by ACT. You can also visit the link below which does an amazing job at describing some of the most popular STEM degrees to help you gets started in picking a major. Science Majors/Occupations Agronomy and Crop Science AnimalContinue reading “A Guide to STEM Careers”

Practice Makes Perfect

I consider myself average. I will never be the smartest person in the room. But I can be the most dedicated, and that will always make me be the best. One of the biggest challenges I had during engineering school was thinking that I was not smart enough for engineering, and being a female onlyContinue reading “Practice Makes Perfect”

Customizable Engineering

My engineering life has been pretty unique this past few weeks. While my official work title is Manufacturing Engineer, my education was mainly Mechanical Engineering. I was lucky to find a job that lets me do both. My responsibilities as a Mfg. Eng. are to analyze new potential products and define whether they are feasibleContinue reading “Customizable Engineering”

I will never stop speaking Spanish.

I might not be as good speaking Spanish as I was before I left Mexico, but I will never forget how to speak it. Neither will I be ashamed. Why would I? By being bilingual, I can understand twice as many things. I can also talk to many more people than I could if IContinue reading “I will never stop speaking Spanish.”

Not validating yourself.

When I picked engineering, I wasn’t sure if I could make it. The thought of not being smart enough governed my mind for about 80% of my 5 years in school. I should have believed in myself a little more. After all, I graduated. I finally had made it. Today, I proudly say I amContinue reading “Not validating yourself.”