My Interview Experience

My interview experience (especially with this new remote era): 

How many interviews did I do? I lost track to be honest. But for each company that I received an offer from, I did 3 (and sometimes a half more).  

First Interview : Recruiter

1st was with either a recruiter or HR manager. Some even got recorded so that others in the company could watch later to evaluate my candidacy and get a better sense of who I was.  

Let’s take a pause here to mention that after that step, some companies asked me to complete questionaries, personality  or even technical tests or exercises (one took almost 4 hrs!) 

Second Interview : Hiring Manager

2nd was with the Hiring Manager (in my case they were the Engineering Managers). 

This is a great opportunity to get to know who you will be reporting to and if it is a good fit. This is where you can get to learn the most about the position, your responsibilities, etc. 

Trust me, you want to know these details from who you will be reporting to, not a recruiter or HR. I had a recruiter tell me the job required 10% travel and when I got to the hiring manager it turned out to be 35% or more! That’s a big difference! 

Third Interview: Team

3rd will most likely be with the team. About 3-4 people. In here, you can get a sense of the work environment and relations and if you fit in.. Remember you will be working with this team every day!  

In this step it is also likely that you will receive a tour of the shop/factory (if applicable). I would also like to mention that the first 2 interviews were remote and this one was the only in person one. But some companies might do all online, or more in person, depending on their guidelines.  

What’s next?

After this third interview, hopefully a job offer will follow. There will be some places that might be straight to the point and might tell you we will be sending an offer. Some might end it generically. (I actually go an offer from an interview I thought didn’t go so great)  

So don’t get impatient after this step. Sometimes they might need to give you another call before a company can extend you an offer, sometimes they will call you with an offer already, and sometimes they might even offer during your team  interview.  

Put your best self, prepare, and Good luck! You will do great! 

Are you currently looking for a job? Did you find this helpful? 

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