Tips: Starting a New Job

It’s the first day in your new job… now what?

Ok, its actually been 5 weeks into my new job, but here is my advice lol

You already did the hard part: getting the job. Now it’s time to learn.
Just like in your first internship, no one expects you to know everything.

The first month or two will consist of learning how the company works, what your role is and how it ties to everything else, and remembering where everything is.

If your position is similar to your previous one, this will be a pretty easy adaptation. As long as you ask tons of questions you will learn what you need to know.

If you are making a change in careers (or if it’s your first job), it might take a bit more to get the hang of it. But no worries, it will come to you. Your boss obviously saw your resume and saw potential in you. Now you just have to make sure to be positive and give it your best shot.

Yea it is scary and uneasy since there is no one around that you know. So, I recommend to find a buddy, or at least someone you feel comfortable asking questions and such.

Just this week my boss sent a very vague email to the team and I quickly send a message to a teammate asking if he knew what he meant. He helped a lot. But having this person always makes days better, Just sending GIFs through teams makes a boring day fun!

Other than that, I tend to tag a long when I hear something interesting or that could help me. I also ask tons of questions, people actually like it (at least this far they have). It shows them I am interested and also develops teamwork.

The designs I have been working on lately are quite different to what I am used to, so I find the right person who could help me on specific details, but sometimes I even schedule a meeting with the whole team to share my concerns, ask questions, and learn.

Lastly, take full ownership of your projects (AKA follow up, make sure it’s moving forward) and if you see something you could help in, chip in!

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