A pink fluff strolling down the shop ♫

I thought I would share with you the post that inspired this blog before I post any new content. I am so excited about this new project that I’ve been having post ideas left and right, and I just can’t stop myself from sitting down to write. Quién lo creería?

I wrote the following facebook post only about a month ago:

“Imagine you are in the middle of a production plant, there’s metal sheets, tubes, coil, etc everywhere. Theres punching, cutting, forming, brazing… Its loud. Parts are greasy. They are heavy. The plant is on full production.
When you suddenly see a tiny person in a pink furry coat walking through all of it. Walks directly to a press brake and starts installing a new fixture…
And that my friends, its me trying to change the world, break stereotypes, and hopefully open the door for future latinas 💪🏼
In only a few months I’ve gain my colleages trust and became a valuable team member. 
I have the support of my boss, who has always given me so many opportunities and trust since the first project. 
I am not scared of going into the shop and getting my hands dirty, handling heavy parts, brazing metal, assambling die sets, running tests. I love it.
Not only am I the youngest in there, Or the only female engineer, I am also a Mexican immigrant. First generation living in the USA. And Today I felt good. I felt proud of how badass I am.  
Because I get to surprise people when they learn that I am a mechanical/manufactuing engineer. I get to sit in a room that was previously full of men and I get to have a voice. Because I can demonstrate just how hardworking mexican’s are. And most importantly because I get to show everyone that I can be a woman and I can also do whatever I want. 
So, think of me the next time you make a sexist joke, because, just like me, thousands of girls are getting educated and following their dreams.”

And to add visuals, I included evidence of my pink fluffiness.

Image may contain: Diana Iracheta, selfie and closeup

After that, I kept thinking about sharing little lapses of my life that I thought would be interesting or would provide some insight into what it was to be a young Latina engineer. By no means I am saying I am the first one, nor the ideal or the best one, but just an average that might show you that we can do it.

What I am intending this blog to be is some sort of public diary in hopes to connect to others. I am sure I am not the only pink fluff roaming around unexpected places. Whether is medicine, teaching, law, finance, we are going places. Us women are going places. Us Latinas are going places. So let’s record our story.

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