I can be anything a man can be, but in pink.

Today I though I would share a small story. As you can tell by the colors of my blog, I love pink! I know it is a very girly color, but there is so much taboo around that color. There are men that don’t like to wear pink because they think it is girly, there are girls that hate the color pink because they don’t want to be the typical girly girl. I think it is just a pretty color that we (women) have used to represent our presence and our GRL PWR.

So, we have this small toolbox at work for the engineers to use whenever we are testing prototypes or other miscellaneous things. However, most of the tools have gone missing or stolen by now. So, I was thinking of ordering a tool kit for myself for work, since I am always struggling to find what I need through what is left over. I was happily browsing the internet for different kits to see which one would fit my needs better, based on what I am always looking for. I got to tell you this is not the first time that I am in search of a tool kit. I own a small personal collection of tools for the house. However, I cannot believe the lack of inclusion in such as simple thing as tools. All of the tool kits are red or orange or blue (all the good ones). And the few that I have seen in pink are filled with crappy and useless items. Some things include house scissors and a spatula. Yes, because I am going to assemble an electrical testing fixture with a spatula (notice my sarcasm there). Give me wire clippers, wrenches, hammers, even throw in a pink drill! The blue kits have them!  Anyways, I really want a pink set that is able to provide me with useful tools. Not call it a “house tool kit” that has cheap things. (Besides, if it is pink, it is less likely for my coworker to steal because they would be so easy to track). 

I also felt like sharing another small little story about today. So, I attended FABTECH Chicago this past November. I got to tell you, even though the point is to find vendors for your needs, there are so many learning opportunities. You get to see so many new developments! Machines that your company might be owning for years have now developed so much! You get to see everything running, you get to see all new products, automations, supplies, etc. This is awesome if you are new like me. Anyways back to the story, when I came back, I was sharing with my boss all the different colors of powder coating (They had a silver glittery one!) He suggested I requested a sample just to play around with it and test is at our location (Just for fun). But you all know I had to ask for pink! So, I contacted the company we always purchase powder coat from… and they don’t make pink powder coat! I located one that stated to have more than 100 colors. I looked over the catalog and picked a random pink shade and requested a sample. They replied within a couple of days:  All pinks are custom colors and could not send me a sample. Well, today one of the engineers was looking into a new type of powder coat that seems to be flexible. So, I thought I would ask him to see if they would send him some pink powder coat… and bingo!!! They will be sending some my way! So, now my coworkers and I have to come up with something to powder coat pink. One asked me if my new car would fit in the powder coat conveyor to try to paint my car pink (sadly not). So, stay tuned to see what we do with this pink powder coat. I have an idea already and I think it’s going to be awesome!!

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